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The lap dance is a dance of deep contact in which the woman moves in an erotic and sensual way, naked, or semi-naked, before a man or a couple who normally remain seated enjoying the beautiful show. That, if they do not fade from the impression: the lap dancers They are absolutely stunning, and if we add to that the sensuality of their movements ... it's not It is strange that men who love private dances become complete addicts.

Although the body of the dancer moves on the other person, in lap dance there is no penetration, although there is some kind of sexual contact, if both parties want to go so far. In most of the cases, the client is strictly prohibited from touching the dancer, although she can caress him and stimulate him. The dance takes place in a secluded space that is reserved especially for dances erotic private, away from prying eyes and with a strongly erotic environment that is very stimulating and attractive, both for the dancer and for her clients, who are involved in an aura of strong sensual charge.